About Us

Welcome to Gonkyouka! I am Mark Johnson and I am an avid gamer, professional developer and a brother, husband and son. I love developing on various platforms and I mastered a lot of programming languages, from PHP, C++, C# and Java as well as Objective-C. I currently reside here at Oklahoma together with my wonderful wife and daughter. Let’s discuss about the website.

As a software developer, I’ve create so many simple apps, a lot of enterprise grade software solutions and tons of open source projects. I also contributed on the development of many open source software, from PC, Linux, Mac, Android and even the web. One of the most popular open source project that I contributed was Ubuntu and WordPress. With a lot of history in developing various software and application, I can say that I really enjoyed developing open source software. The joy of working with others at your spare time was really fun and you are not bound by deadlines or a strict boss.

Setting those things aside, Gonkyouka will be my blogging haven, a place of all things open source. I will post my solo projects that I’m working on, also any large-scale projects that I contribute as well as the latest news and events in the world of open source software and development.

Aspiring software developer could also find my blog helpful if they want to learn how to develop efficient software by taking a look on my tutorials, open source projects and the like. You will learn some basic software planning, some basic programming and the like.